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Error 651 when trying to load .idm files


Title: Error 651 when trying to load .idm files
Document: 911558056
Author: Rolqnd Genske (rhg@marxmeier.com)
Keywords: eloquence,eloqcore,dlgsrv,load,dlg,ascii,idm,gui,dm,dialog,manager

I am trying to get .idm files to work, but all I get is an error 651 (unable to load file) from DLG LOAD:

   DLG SET ".driver","@my-pc"
   DLG LOAD "my.idm,MYVOL"

It works fine with .dlg files.

Please try:

   DLG LOAD "my.dlg,MYVOL"

The DLG LOAD statement must refer to the corresponding .dlg file on the system that runs the eloqcore process. Thus, the definition of the MYVOL volume must contain the absolute location of the my.dlg file "from the client's point of view" (the client is the eloqcore process in this case).

The .idm is loaded by the dlgsrv driver on the server side (your Windows box). Thus, IDMLIB should be set to the absolute location of the my.idm file "from the server's point of view".

If you're running your programs on the local system (that means eloqcore and dlgsrv both running on your windows box), both MYVOL and IDMLIB must be set to the same value.

You can configure these settings using the Eloquence Configuration Utility:

   EloqCORE/eloq.config/VOLUME MYVOL
   Dialog System/eloqcl.ini/DlgSrv/IdmLib

If the my.idm is not present at the given location, the my.dlg file is automatically downloaded from eloqcore to the dlgsrv driver, then dynamically converted into GUI (using the settings from the DefaultFile, usually defaults.eq).

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