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CRTCOLS, switching display width


Title: CRTCOLS, switching display width
Document: 906641487
Author: Michael Marxmeier (mike@msede.com)
Keywords: CRTCOLS,terminal

Q: Which terminal type is suitable for CRTCOLS=132?

A: Setting CRT width is only supported for selected terminals (this depends on terminal capabilities and is currently hard-coded into eloqcore).

The following terminal types are supported (as of A.06.10):

HP Terminals protocol:
70092, 70094, 70096, 70098
Other terminals:
70060, 70070, vt320

As of A.06.20, switching display width is supported for the terminals below:

  • em220
  • vt220
  • xterm
  • dtterm

xterm and dtterm may require an additonal commandline arg to enable the DECCOLM capability.

In addition to the hard coded list of terminals types the environment variable EQ_ALT_SCREEN_WIDTH can be defined to indicate the terminal does support 132 column switching and follows the vt320 conventions.

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