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I get "Access denied" in the Eloquence B.07.10 database server


Title: I get "Access denied" in the Eloquence B.07.10 database server
Document: 1141304795
Author: Roland Genske
Keywords: B.07.10,access,denied,dropping,connection

Q: Since I upgraded to Eloquence B.07.10 I cannot access the database server anymore. The eloqdb6 log message I get is:
 D0: Access denied - dropping connection from port 49332

A:This is caused by a behavior change. Eloquence B.07.10 provides restrictive security default settings that do not allow remote connections to the database server unless they are explicitly configured.

This is documented in the Eloquence B.07.10 release notes.

Any access to the database server using an IP address different from "localhost" (aka. is considered a remote access, even if the IP address of the local network card is used.

For example, a DBOPEN using a database name like "" is considered a remote access even if is the address of the local network card. The fact that this is really a local connection can not be detected until the connection is established and is therefore not considered.

To retain the previous behavior found in Eloquence B.07.00, add a [db-access] section like below to your existing eloqdb6.cfg configuration file:

 allow = all

The recommended location to add this section is just before the beginning of the [Config] section.

If this is too general and you want to specifically grant access only to all clients in the local network as well as to the local system, use the configuration below (assumed that your network has the 192.168.22.x class-c IP address):

 allow =
 allow =

The Eloquence B.07.10 installation contains a new template for the eloqdb6.cfg configuration file documenting all new config parameters at:

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