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  Eloquence VAR Letter, Dec. 1998

Böblingen, Dec. 18, 1998

Dear Eloquence Partner,

The Eloquence business had a very positive development in 1998 and I want to say thank you for your contribution. In addition to the many installations on HP-UX platforms we have seen a growing number of installations on LINUX platforms and we expect even higher numbers in the future. Eloquence on LINUX platforms is more than just available. It is a fully supported development environment for commercial applications.

Let me say thank you as well to our development partner Marxmeier Software GmbH. They have done an excellent job with the current version A.06.10 and are close to deliver version A.06.20. Eventually you had a chance to work with the beta test version or you have visited our Eloquence homepage http://eloquence.marxmeier.com and know about improvements and additional functionality.
The most exciting new functionality is character mode support on Windows 32 bit platforms. Legacy applications - including QUERY and FORMS utilities - can now be used on Windows 32 bit platforms as they could be used on HP-UX and LINUX platforms.
We know from many partners that they didn't want to redesign/rewrite their software to use dialogs instead of character I/O and therefore couldn't offer their a pplications on Windows 32 bit platforms.
Another important improvement is the compatibility of the Eloquence database to Turbo Image on MPE platforms. This will allow to port Turbo Image based applications to HP-UX, Windows 32 bit and LINUX platforms. Actually a large HP3000 Software development company has decided to use Eloquence for this purpose and we expect others to follow.


Planned release/shipment for version A.06.20: January 22, 1999. The new version will also be available for download from the FTP-server and it will be distributed to all Eloquence users who have an active support contract for B1368B with License to use options and with media update option B00. It is important to note that the new version will utilize a new and different licensing scheme and will require a new license key. During installation a temporary license key for 4 weeks will be generated. If you want to use Eloquence on this system beyond this evaluation period, you can request a permanent license key for this system if any of the following conditions apply:
  • Active License-to-Use contract for B1368B Opt AH0 or B1368B Opt 000 with additional user licenses. Please note that new License-to-use contracts with Marxmeier Software AG starting not later than February 1st will be included.
  • Purchase of B1368B Version A.06.10 within the last 6 months.
  • New purchase
  • Purchase of B1368B Opt UEJ (Upgrade option)

Eloquence license keys can be requested on-line on the Eloquence web site at http://eloquence.marxmeier.com/license/ or by fax at the Eloquence support at Marxmeier Software AG.

New Product Options and Listprices

With the new Eloquence version A.06.20 a new option 032 for 32 user licenses will be introduced, option 099 will be deleted. New listprices will reflect the value that was added to Eloquence. However, for typical configurations up to 18 users listprices are almost the same than before. Is there any other development environment to beat the price/performance ratio of Eloquence?

Eloquence beyond Version A.06.20.

Eloquence will be improved and expanded continuously. One of the major efforts for 1999 will focus on Eloquence functionality to allow easy integration of existing or new Eloquence applications into the world wide web. Another important request will also be realized: Language and Database will offer numerical variables with 15 digit precision.
Please don't hesitate to suggest enhancements. We will evaluate and use your inputs for our investment decisions.

You can help!

We want to attract new Eloquence partners and users. And this is how you can help:
  • provide information about your product/ service offering
  • provide the names of reference customers
  • provide success stories

Please send email to Jürgen Schumm (juergen_schumm@hp.com).

Our Eloquence homepage and our mailing list are perfect tools to hold and distribute such kind of information. A success story can be more convincing than even the best technical feature list. Thanks to all who have contributed so far and thanks to all who decide to so now.

Finally, I would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Successful and Happy New Year.

With best regards,

Jürgen Schumm
Eloquence Productmanager

Contact Information:
Juergen Schumm email: juergen_schumm@hp.com
Hewlett-Packard GmbH  
SERC, Geb. 4  
Herrenberger Str. 110-140 Phone: (+49) (7031) 14-2767
71034 Boeblingen, Germany Fax: (+49) (7031) 14-7126

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