Eloquence VAR Letter, Dec. 1996

Böblingen, December 17, 1996

Dear Eloquence Partner,

We are ready for take-off with the open Eloquence Betatest:

As of today a BetaVersion of Eloquence Version A.06.00 for HP-UX and Windows NT platforms is available for all Eloquence Partners.

This version contains the new Development Environment for Windows NT resp. Windows95 and required modules for program execution and testing.

In early January 1997 a second BetaVersion will be available, with additional functionality and corrected errors.

A third and last BetaVersion mid of January will also contain the new Database Server for HP-UX and Windows NT and will be close to the final version. Assuming a successful open Betatest, Eloquence Version A.06.00 will be released in February 1997.

All BetaVersions are available for download through Internet at no cost.

For detailed information see URL:

In addition you can request a CD-ROM, electronically at above location or through the attached order form. Please note, for CD-ROM we need to charge you with production and shipment costs.

We are very interested in your experiences with the BetaVersion, so please let us know. As we expect many inputs and requests, we cannot guarantee to reply immediately and directly, even though we promise to do our best. Therefore we would like to ask you upfront for your patience.

For legal reasons we must tell you, that BetaVersions are excluded from any kind of warranty and that you use BetaVersions at your own risk.

With kind regards and the best wishes for a
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Jürgen Schumm HP CSO-ETC

Tel: +49 07031-142767 Fax: +49 07031-146839
email: juergen_schumm@hp.com