Eloquence VAR Letter, Nov. 1996

Böblingen, November 12, 1996

Dear Eloquence Partner,

We have made a big step forward: Eloquence Version A.06.00 for HP-UX and Windows NT platforms has entered a first Betatest phase and will be extensively tested by selected partners.

In a second phase, starting end of November, we plan to store a Beta-Version on a WEB server at MSE and make it available to all interested Eloquence Partners.

HP and MSE want to make sure, that the new version A.06.00 has at least the same quality level as the current version. Due to the fact, that a high percentage of code has been developed from scratch, we believe, it's a good idea to involve all your developers and all your application code into beta-testing. Please use this extended Beta-test phase.

The official release of Eloquence Version A.06.00 is planned for February 1997.

And all this is new:

  • Eloquence Version A.06.00 has a 3 tier, distributed architecture:
    • Database-Server, supported on HP-UX and Windows NT platform
    • Application-Server, supported on HP-UX, Windows NT, Windows 95 platform
    • GUI-Server, supported on HP-UX, Windows NT, Windows95, Windows3.x
    • All servermodules can reside on a single system, if this system is HP-UX or Windows NT based.

  • Version A.06.00 adds to the known development environment a graphical development environment for Windows NT und Windows95 platforms. It will include: Multi-file Editor, integrated Network/Remote Debugger, Cross Reference, High Performance Compiler, On-line Help.

  • Version A.06.00 has a new developed Database-System with the following attributes:
    • A Database-Server controls a Database-Environment with unlimited number of databases and with unlimited number of tables, records and fields. Current limitations for Eloquence Databases will no longer exist.
    • Database contents are much better protected against unauthorized access.
    • Transaction logging and Recovery functionality helps to insure data integrity.
    • Much better performance, especially with large databases.
    • fully transparent for existing Eloquence application programs
    • Conversion tool for existing data bases (no export/import required!)

  • Version A.06.00 supports standards like ODBC, SQL, DDE, HTML

  • Version A.06.00 includes new language elements like 'struct' and 'globals'.

  • Version A.06.00 is supported under HP-UX 9.x, HP-UX 10.x and Windows NT Version 4.x

Well, as you can see, Hewlett-Packard and MSE have spent a lot of efforts to further improve Eloquence and to offer a Development- and Application platform, which is superior to all competing products in its class.

With Eloquence on Windows NT platforms a new, fast growing market opens up with customers, who often require only a limited number of users and who are not willing to purchase a full HP Eloquence license.
This is why we plan to change the product structure as follows:
Eloquence will be available as Development system only. In addition to the currently offered full license with unlimited number of users, we will offer a license for 1-2 users (including one system license) and add-on user licenses.
Pricing for the new licenses is not yet final, but we expect to offer the 1-2 user license at around 600,-- $ and each add-on user license at around 150,--$.

Eloquence Development systems with full license can be purchased as before under product number B1368B, as well options like #UEJ (Upgrade from version A.03.x to A.06.00) or #0D1 (Preinstallation) for HP-UX systems.

As you know, Eloquence Software is currently only available on DDS tapes. The new version will also be available on CD-ROM.

Now I hope that above information is good news for you and can help to successfully approach new customers.
More information will follow soon.

Finally I would like to remind you, that a lot of useful information around Eloquence can be accessed on MSE's WEB Server: http://www.marxmeier.com
This is also the location for the Eloquence Maillist, which is used by more than 30 partners, who exchange tips, experiences and questions.
Just in case you do not yet attend: It's worthwhile!

Yours sincerely,

Jürgen Schumm HP CSO-ETC

Tel: +49 07031-142767 Fax: +49 07031-146839
email: juergen_schumm@hp.com