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JDLG object and attribute reference:
Splitter class

  Document revision: 2017-08-29
Refers to JDLG version: 1.7.6


The Splitter object is a layout element that contains exactly two objects of type GroupBox or Splitter and offers user-controlled resizing of its elements. The splitting may be vertical or horizontal.

An embedded GroupBox is called a splitter pane and may contain any number of child objects.


  • The size of an embedded GroupBox or Splitter is ignored, it is resized as needed. A virtual size may be defined for an embedded GroupBox, which then becomes scrollable if insufficient space is available.

  • The border attribute of an embedded GroupBox is ignored, no border is displayed.

  • The Splitter object itself never obtains the keyboard focus.

border : integer, get/set
Nonzero (default): The default Splitter border is displayed.

Zero: No border is displayed.

The Splitter border, if displayed, reduces the usable size for contained child objects.

class : string, get
Returns "Splitter".
dividersize : integer, get/set
Size of the Splitter divider in pixel units.

The default value is zero, which causes the (platform or look-and-feel specific) default divider size to be used.

orientation : integer, get/set
Zero (default): Horizontal splitting.
Nonzero: Vertical splitting.
position : integer, get/set
Relative position of the Splitter divider in Dialog raster units or pixel units.

Note: Using pixel units requires JDLG version 1.7.0 or newer.

quickexpand : integer, get/set
Zero (default): Quick-expand buttons are not displayed.

Nonzero: Quick-expand buttons are displayed on the divider, which allow to quickly set the minimum or maximum or previous divider position.

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