Eloquence Forms Manual

6 Printing Forms

To print a form, use the PFORM (print form) program. PFORM is supplied with the development version of Eloquence. To run PFORM, start Eloquence and type the following:

NOTE: For the PRINT FORM menu to appear, a VOLUME statement pointing to the directory /opt/eloquence/share/prog must be included in the global configuration file eloq.config. The sample global configuration file d.eloq.config contains such a statement (VOLUME SYSTEM :Z2,7,0 /opt/eloquence/share/prog).

The initial PFORM menu asks for the name of the form to be printed:

To print copies of one form, enter its file name and optionally its volume. Then skip the next section and read page 60 . If copies of more than one form are to be made, press the MULTIPLE FORMS softkey.

Chapter contents:

Multiple Forms
Printer Selection
Display Enhancements and Fill Characters
Version Selection
Printing Forms

Eloquence Forms Manual - 19 DEC 2002